Hand Casting

Solders & Fluxes provides a range of leaded & lead-free Casting Alloys for jewellery making, giftware, collectibles and model making.

Casting Metals

Hand Casting is the process where molten metal is pored into an empty mold, which when cooled forms a object or design which can be refined. Casting is commonplace in the creation of hobbyist items including metal figurines and giftware. Manufactured in the UK by AIM Solders, our range of PureCast leaded and lead-free Casting Alloys are designed for use within production of items including model figurines, giftware and jewellery making.

Solders & Fluxes supplies a range of Casting Alloys, with the most common listed below. If an alloy you require is not listed please contact us regarding availability . For Technical advice or to discuss your application please contact our Sales Office.

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Figurine & Model Casting

Since William Britain, a British Toy company, introduced the concept of hollow casting in the late 1800’s, figurines including that of toy soldiers, have been hand cast using molten metal and molds to create intricate and cost effective miniatures. Once set the figurines can be remove from the mold and finished or painted to add further detail.

For high detail applications TSC PureCast MGW37 is ideal due to its superior alloy characteristics which allow a high level of intricate fine detail on castings of small and miniature figurines. In a comparison where a bright or polished finish is preferred, whilst maintaining a high level of details. TSC PureCast Pewter 92 is recommended. Both alloys are available to buy in small pack sizes, for larger quantities please contact our sales office to discuss your requirements.

Jewellery Making

Much of the jewellery available on the market is manufactured through hand casting, from watches to rings or pendants. Once a mold is created, molten metal is placed within and then rapidly cooled to harden into a design or specific part of a design. These are then expertly finished and crafted together to create the jewellery piece. Whilst a complex process, casting your own jewellery allows you to create an entirely bespoke and personalised piece that can fully reflect individual style.

Whilst a range of casting alloys are available in small quantities, Solders & Fluxes recommends TSC PureCast KA for most jewellery making applications. A tin-rich alloy, TSC PureCast KA is commonly used for creating fine or delicate castings with intricate designs and the requirement for a shiny finish.

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