TSC PureCast KA Casting Alloy is a tin-rich alloy, commonly used in the jewellery trade for creating fine and delicate castings that require excellent flow properties and intricate detail. This alloy is well-suited for capturing intricate designs and patterns with precision. One of the key features of Purecast KA is its ability to produce castings with a shiny surface finish. This allows for the creation of jewellery pieces with a polished and lustrous appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Additionally, PureCast KA is known for its malleability, which makes it easy to shape and manipulate during the casting process. This characteristic gives artisans greater control over the casting process, allowing them to create complex and detailed designs with ease. PureCast KA is also particularly suitable for hand-cast model figures, as it offers the flexibility and fine detail necessary to create lifelike and intricate miniature sculptures. Overall, PureCast KA is a versatile and high-quality casting alloy that offers excellent flow properties, a shiny surface finish, and malleability, making it an ideal choice for a variety of casting applications in the jewellery trade and beyond.

Please note this product is sold per the kilogram and is supplied in Tinman Stick format. Each stick weighs approx. 250g (weight per stick may vary).

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Supplied in Tinman Stick Format weighing approximately 250g (Sold by KG)
– Ideal for casting Jewellery designs
– Excellent fine detail capabilities.
– Offers good flow properties.
– Cosmetically shinny surface finish
– Melt Point 185 °C
– Working Temperature 245 °C
– Density 8.99 gm / cm3
– Contains Lead

Weight N/A

1KG Pack, 2KG Pack, 5KG Pack


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