TSC Lead-Free Fluxed Cored Solder Wire is an activated rosin cored solder wire designed for general electrical and electronic hand soldering. Even if you are new to soldering this wire will allow you to complete many electrical projects with ease.

The solder wire offers very good thermal stability at pre-soldering temperatures together with excellent wetting characteristics which will allow you to work well across a wide range of soldering conditions even on poor or difficult base materials. After soldering you will find the remaining flux residues are hard and can be safely left on the board without the need to remove them. They have become non-corrosive and offer good electrical insulation on live circuitry.

If removal is required for cosmetic appearances than generally any available flux cleaners or IPA will work well. Always carry out soldering operations in a well-ventilated area ideally with the inclusion of a fume extraction systems.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

– Excellent solderability.
– Melt Range 217 – 228°C
– Good cosmetics post soldering.
– Noncorrosive no clean residues.
– Low fume level with a pleasant odour.
– Available in 0.75mm & 1mm Diameters
– Supplied on 50g Reels

Weight N/A

SAC 0307 – 0.8MM, SAC 0307 – 1.2MM


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