IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) is an internationally approved multipurpose solvent which conforms to many international standards As a cleaner it is fully miscible in water and most organic fluids making it excellent at dissolving dirt, light organic contaminants, oils and greases. The solvent will also readily form an azeotrope with water for effective removal of moisture from parts and components

This solvent will thoroughly clean all electronic equipment associated circuits and connectors together with being a great final cleaner on all your precision machined metal parts together with being safe to use on most plastics. Give your models a professional clean before and after running. Always check suitability on any delicate surfaces before using.

Key Products Features & Benefit:

– 100% Ozone Friendly
– Fast evaporation rate offering quick and efficient cleaning and degreasing.
– Dries without leaving any residue; leaves a clean
dry surface in one cleaning step.
– Cost effective cleaning solvent.
– Safe on most plastics.
– Removes Ionic flux residues from PCB’s
– Available in 500ml & 1L Containers

Weight N/A

10L, 1L, 450ml, 5L


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