AIM’s Artist Pure solder wire range is designed with the glass artist in mind.

Artist Lead Free is a 3.2mm Solid Solder wire, supplied in a high purity, silver bearing alloy with a melting range of 208°C to 226°C. Artist Pure Lead-Free offers a strong bond with excellent flow characteristics allowing for a smooth, bright solder bead. Ideal for use in any application where the final products may be frequently handled.

We recommend using this solder wire alongside our TSC Stained Glass Flux which ensures excellent solderability and smooth finished joints with both leaded and lead-free solders.

Supplied in 3.2mm Diameter on a 454g (1lb) Reel.
If you are looking for large quantities, please contact our Sales Office to discuss.

To view the full range of alloys Artist Pure Solder Wire is available in click here.

Key Product Features & Benefits
– Melting Range: 208°C to 226°C
– Produces an excellent solder finish
– A Tin, Bismuth, Copper and Silver alloy composition
– Convenient solder reel size. Supplied as a 1 lb (454-gram reel)

Weight 0.55 kg


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