TSC Stained Glass Flux has become the prime choice for both professionals and hobbyists alike when it comes to soldering stained glass panels.

TSC Stained Glass Flux is a water based organic flux suitable for soldering onto copper tapes used in the assembly of stained glass windows. The proprietary wetting agents within the flux both ensure excellent solderability and smooth finished joints with both leaded and lead-free solders, together with any post solder residues being easily removed using warm water.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Excellent Capillary action
– Creates Smooth Rounded Joints
– Excellent Cosmetics
– Very Low odour during soldering
– Finished glass easily washable in warm water
– Safe to use indoors as being Non Flammable
– Suitable for leaded and Non Leaded Alloys

Weight N/A

125ml, 250ml


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