Solder Connection Puraflow® Solder Wire is a high-quality capillary wire, designed specifically for soldering copper tubing and associated brass fittings within the plumbing and heating markets. Puraflow® 30/70 Wire is designed for non-potable water plumbing and heating uses and is manufactured to produce perfect joints quickly and effectively, whilst meeting all relevant health and safety and environmental standards.

Key Products Features & Benefits:

– Available on 250g reel
– Diameter of 3.0mm
– Tin / lead wire for non-potable applications
– Manufactured to BS EN 29453
– Melting range between 183°C – 234°C

Puraflow® wire is manufactured in two different alloys, a lead-free version is also available here. The lead-free version is suitable for potable applications.

Weight 0.33 kg


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