TSC Pure Tin is primarily used in the alloying of a wide variety of solder alloys. Commercially it has been used for many years in plating steel containers for the storage and preservation of food stuffs. Tin has also been used in industry as white metal bearings for heavy rolling stock on the railways. Tin is non toxic and easily worked due to its malleability.
Tin plating of iron will protect the latter from corrosion. Tin plating of pipes and valves maintain purity in potable water systems. Whereas tin in its molten state is the base for float plate-glass production. Pure tin is fundamentally weak and as such has no real structural use unless it is alloyed with such materials as bronzes, pewters, industrial bearing metals and many lead-based solders. Pure tin can also be found in the restoration and resurfacing of kitchen pots and pans.

Key Products Features & Benefits:

– Lead Free Alloy
– Melt Point: 232°C
– Available in Tinmans Sticks. Pack sizes of 1 & 4.
– Weight: Approve 250g*
– Diameter – Approx 11mm
– Length – Approx 400mm
– Useful when recoating kitchenware.
– Excellent wetting on Copper and Brass.
– Non-Toxic
– Ideal for potable water
– Good wetting and capillary action

*Dimmensions on all solders are approximates.


Pack of 1, Pack of 2


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