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A8 Flux for Stainless Steel

A8 is a unique blend of chemicals developed to enable efficient soft soldering to metals such as stainless steels. These metals are difficult to solder due to the tough chromic oxide layer, which is present on the surface of the steel alloys. The free acid within A8 flux removes these oxides, thus producing a clean surface for the solder to wet.

This product has a shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • High activity Flux – Easy soft soldering to stainless steels.
  • Water soluble residues 
  • Easy post soldering cleaning.
  • Used to solder all stainless steels and particularly successful with 18/8 (302-304), 321S16, S80, Stellite.
  • Suitable for use on zinc. If trying to solder to galvanised steel, care should be taken not to allow the A8 to etch the zinc from the steel surface. Surface corrosion will be more likely if this is allowed to happen.
  • Ideal for use with various solder alloy grades, A8 works particularly with Sn60 Pb40 solder(ISO 9453, Alloy No.2). If the joint has to be lead free, then CEAMG’s Sn99 Cu1 grade solder (ISO 9453, Alloy no.23) should be used. Both alloys are available in wire and tinmans format


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A8 Stainless Steel Flux - 125ml

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Prod. No. 56660
A8 Stainless Steel Flux - 250ml

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"'Thank you for your superb A8 that I recently purchased! It allowed me to achieve an exceptional joint on otherwise impossible materials; 0.3mm stainless steel tube'."

George Kerwood, Hobbyist Engineer


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