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96S Lead-Free Solid Solder Wire

Grade 96S (96Sn/ 4Ag) Solid Solder Wire is commonly known as a “silver bearing alloy” This solder is a eutectic of pure tin and silver, having similar properties to that of pure tin, in that it is bright and shiny, hardly tarnishes, is lead-free and non-toxic, but unlike pure tin it is far stronger. It has higher electrical conductivity than other soft solders and has a melting point approximately 40°C higher than Tin / Lead 60/ 40 at 221°C

For one or more of these reasons it finds many uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries for soldering of stainless-steel parts and fabrications of which it works exceedingly well. For this application you will need to use one of our specialist fluxes namely A8 flux to create the solder joint.

The addition of silver into this alloy does not suppress absorption of silver from silver plated or metallisation’s into the solder. This solder alloy is not recommended for the soldering of gold parts.

Available as a solid wire 0.7mm and 1.2mm diameter.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Lead Free alloy
  • First choice for Stainless steel soldering.
  • Nontoxic
  • Eutectic at melt point 221°C.
  • Also available in Blowpipe Solder Sticks.
  • Specified as Grade 96S to BS219 and No. 28 to BSEN29453.


Prod. No. SW-019-105
96S Lead-Free Solid Solder Wire - 1.25mm - 50g

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Prod. No. SW-019-104
96S Lead-Free Solid Solder Wire - 0.75mm - 50g

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