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Lead-Free Solder Pellets

Lead-free solder pellets are ideal for topping up your small solder dipping pots or allowing you to apply a set amount into difficult to reach areas to ease assembly problems. Provided in 500g packs, we offer a choice of two lead free alloys, 99C & SAC305. 

99C has a melting range of 227°C to 228°C This solder alloy has a higher temperature range then the leaded alloys allowing for a step soldering technique if this helps with your assembly process. 

SAC305 which is a Tin / Silver / Copper alloy with a melt range of 217°C to 219°C giving  harder solder joints with a brighter finish when compared to 99C.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Ideal for use within Solder Pot
  • Available in 500g Bags
  • Two Lead Free Options Available - 99C or SAC305

Alloy 99C Technical Information:

  • Alloy - Sn99.3 Cu0.7 
  • Melting range between 227°C - 228°C
  • Manufactured to BS EN 29453
  • WRAS approved product

SAC305 Technical Information:

  • Alloy - Sn96.5 Ag3.0 Cu0.5
  • Melting range between 217°C - 219°C


Prod. No. SB-002-036
SAC305 Solder Pellets - 500G

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Prod. No. SB-002-035
99C Solder Pellets - 500G

£ 49.80

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