TSC AluSol Solder Wire has been especially formulated to offer the engineer a fluxed cored solder wire with the ability to solder to a wide range of aluminium alloys. More importantly, when the solder joint has been created it offers excellent resistance to electrolytic corrosion so often not the case in earlier Tin / Zinc alloys. Importantly no additional flux is required.

TSC AluSol will offer excellent capillary action on sheet metal applications, together with minimum splattering during the heating phase and has proven to work very well with both electrical soldering irons and for larger metal fabrications gas torches will work very well. Both Butane or Propane can be used in most applications. All residues should be removed with warm water.

Supplied as 2mm Solder Wire in Lead-Free Alloy Sn97 Cu3, packaged in a 40g Tube. Other diameters and containers sizes may be available on request.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– High activity flux formulation creates very fast solder joints.
– Excellent Capillary action
– Compatible with many standard Aluminium Alloys.
– Good resistance to electrolytic corrosion.
– Residues easily removed with water
– Low spattering during the preheating and reflow stages.
– Manufactured as a lead-free alloy: Sn97 Cu3
– Melting Range: 227-320°C
– Available as 2mm diameter wire

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