Leaded Tip Tinner is s a combination of Tin (63%) & Lead (37%) offering a speedy and effective way of cleaning and tinning de-wetted soldering iron bits.

The tip cleaner is a mixture of solder powder and thermally stable, oxide-reducing compounds which gives superior cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidised soldering iron tips.

For cleaning and tinning of soldering iron tips in a single operation. Wipe the soldering iron tip over the surface, turning it gently. Under normal usage, the fumes are very minimal and usually stop within seconds after soldering iron is withdrawn from the tip tinner. Finally, wipe away any residue on the tip.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

– Quick and effective method of cleaning and re-tinning de-wetted soldering iron bits
– Simply roll or wipe the heated iron tip over the surface of the cleaner for a short time
– Any residue remaining is non-corrosive and can be removed by wiping on a wet sponge
– For use within leaded operations – For professional use only
– Supplied in 28g (1oz.) tins

Weight 0.04 kg


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