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Radsol 301 Non-Corrosive Flux

Radsol 301 is water based and classed as a non-corrosive residue flux. It has been used with Copper and Copper based alloys for over 25 years. Its capacity to provide clean, easy soldering has made it the benchmark for the Radsol flux range. Radsol 301 contains a wetting agent that enhances its performance in industrial applications

This product has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Zinc chloride free – ensuring inert, non-corrosive post soldering residues.
  • Suitable for hand-work - Low free acid content. Takes over where Radsol 208 has not sufficient activity.
  • Non-carbonising – Will not leave solid or oily black residues.
  • Medium life at temperature – Will stand reasonable time of heating and is suitable for radiator baking where welded tubes are used with very high efficiency baking ovens.
  • Concentrated - Use straight from container. Most operations require flux at full strength. If dilution is required, water is recommended.


Prod. No. 56797
Radsol 301 Flux - 125ml

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Prod. No. 56798
Radsol 301 Flux - 250ml

£ 7.50

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