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LS4 (Comsol) Tinman Sticks

LS4 Solid Tinman Sticks are a lead based alloy containing both silver and tin. Ideal for soldering to, or for joining, the commonly used metals Copper, Brass and Tin. This product is a direct equivalent to 'Comsol' Soft Solder

The LS4 alloy has many areas of use, such as in equipment where the working temperature is too high to allow the use of standard Sn/Pb and Sn/Ag alloys to be employed. Typical applications would be for transformer bobbins or for securing components which are required to be unaffected by a subsequent reflow or wave soldering operation.

Available in Pack Sizes of 1 or 4.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Designed for high temperature solder dipping.
  • Solders up to up to 450°C
  • Increases Production Speed: which means lower product costs
  • Minimises drossing: lowers downtime for maintenance and reduced solder consumption and costs.
  • Reduces bridging: lower amount of rework to higher yield, lowers cost and reduces chances of defects getting to consumer.
  • Diameter - Approx 7mm 
  • Length - Approx 400mm

*Dimmensions on all solders are approximates.


Prod. No. 11209
LS4 (Comsol Equivalent) Tinman Sticks - Pack of 1

£ 11.60

Currently in stock : 708

Prod. No. 11210
LS4 (Comsol Equivalent) Tinman Sticks - Pack of 4

£ 34.80

Currently in stock : 177

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