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Leaded Solder Wire - Solid 50g

High Purity Leaded Solid Solder Wire (60Sn /40Pb) is manufactured from a grade of solder alloy with purity levels meeting all the requirements of both national and international standards. Specified as Grade K to BS219 and No. 2 to BSEN29453 this solder has a melt range of 183-190C.

This common alloy is ideal for all soldering applications involving brass and copper components, the alloy will flow well, provide a strong joint and give a bright finish to your model.

Available in both 0.7mm and 1.2 mm diameter supplied on 50 gm reel

Suitable liquid fluxes would be Bakers No. 3 and Radsol 301 for both brass and copper. Fluxes for other metals may be available. 

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Tin Lead alloy 
  • Specified as Grade K to BS219 and No. 2 to BSEN29453. 
  • Melt range 183-190C.
  • Supplied on 50g Reel


Prod. No. SW-011-045
60/40 Solid Solder Wire 0.7MM 50GM

£ 4.99

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Prod. No. SW-011-046
60/40 Solid Solder Wire 1.2MM 50GM

£ 4.99

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