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Leaded Solder Wire - Solid 50g

High Purity Leaded Solid Solder Wire (60Sn /40Pb) is manufactured from a grade of solder alloy with purity levels meeting all the requirements of both national and international standards. Specified as Grade K to BS219 and No. 2 to BSEN29453 this solder has a melt range of 183-190C.

This common alloy is ideal for all soldering applications involving brass and copper components, the alloy will flow well, provide a strong joint and give a bright finish to your model.

Available in both 0.7mm and 1.2 mm diameter supplied on 50 gm reel

Suitable liquid fluxes would be Bakers Soldering Fluid and Radsol 301 for both brass and copper. Fluxes for other metals may be available. 

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Tin Lead alloy 
  • Specified as Grade K to BS219 and No. 2 to BSEN29453. 
  • Melt range 183-190C.
  • Supplied on 50g Reel


Prod. No. SW-011-045
60/40 Solid Solder Wire 0.7MM 50GM

£ 6.49

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Prod. No. SW-011-046
60/40 Solid Solder Wire 1.2MM 50GM

£ 6.49

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