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RMA390DH3 Flux Gel - 10ccg

ALPHA® RMA390DH3 Flux gel is a low viscosity flux gel designed for prototyping and reworking surface mount components. The flux has a high green strength preventing components moving around during placement.

The flux offers you post solder residues that have a high surface insulation resistance alleviating the need to clean once the board has been assembled.

Available in a 10g syringe.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Excellent Dispensing Qualities.
  • High Surface Insulation Value.
  • High Green Strength prevents components moving.
  • Post solder cleaning not necessary.
  • J-STD Classification: ROH1.


Product Number : 10354

Prod. No. 10354
RMA390DH3 Flux Gel - 10g

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