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SuperPro 125 Gas Soldering iron

*** STOCK UPDATE: Please note that the current lead time for PORTASOL products  is estimated at 10 weeks due to a fire at the manufacturers facility. ***

SuperPro 125 Gas Soldering Iron comes with Piezo ignition for total user convenience. Switch on and ignition are accomplished in two smooth ergonomic movements. Power adjustment, as is traditional with Portasol gas products, is by rotational control at the end of the tool. Nothing could be easier or more convenient.

Durable all round favourite featuring an ultrasonically welded gas tank for better strength, safety and reliability. Made with butane compatible plastics - prevents gas leaking

An equivalent of 125 Watts at 580°C may be high for delicate soldering requirements, but the peak gas flow gives excellent flame and hot air characteristics, and if heavy solder melt tasks are there, this is the tool for the job.

The natural state of the SuperPro is in flame mode. For other tasks there is a range of 8 soldering tips, 1 Hot Air Blower Tip (SPT-9), and of course, a Hot Knife Tip (SPT-10) for plastics shaping, rope cutting, and other applications (see below for all Tip options).

The stainless steel enclosed tank on the SuperPro gives 90 minutes operation between refills.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Weight - 192g
  • Click to ignite
  • No cords or wires - Fully portable
  • Built in Blowtorch
  • Supplied with with a 2.4mm DF tip
  • Operating Time - 120 mins
  • Max Tip Temperature - 580°C
  • Refill Time - 30 secs (average)
  • Gas Type - Lighter Fuel
  • Temperature Adjustable


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