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Alcho-Re Paste Flux for High Reliability

Alcho-Re Paste Flux is a super-saturated solution of resin flux, suitable for general soldering in electrical and electronic applications, where non-corrosive residues are required.

Key Products Features & Benefits: 

  • Mildly activated (RMA type) and particularly effective on clean copper or tinned surfaces. Ideal for machine soldering of copper leads and tags.
  • Non-corrosive residues – when heat is applied the paste becomes a viscous liquid. Once soldering is complete and heat is withdrawn, the flux forms a hard, non-corrosive residue (conforms tospecification DTD599A).
  • Suitable for use with both tin-lead and lead free solders for a wide variety of applications.
  • Having a creamy consistency, Alcho-Re Paste flux is particularly suited to assemblies where joint surfaces are not horizontal, as unlike a liquid flux, it remains in place on the joint surfaces before the process begins


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Alcho-Re Paste 125g

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