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TSC Electrical Liquid Flux

TSC 381 Electrical Flux has been designed to work as a liquid soldering flux for both electrical wiring and electrical connectors together with being suitable for assembling components and  switches on to printed circuit boards if, it will work with both leaded and lead free alloys. The very low solids content of TSC 381 flux results in virtually no residue remaining after soldering but if needed can be cleaned with IPA or proprietary flux cleaners where necessary. This flux may have additional benefits for the model maker in that if you are using traditional flux cored solder wires and need a little additional flux activity to ensure good capillary action, then a small drop goes a long way.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Low residue
  • Excellent wetting
  • Non-conductive/Non-corrosive residues
  • Compatible with Lead-Free & Leaded Solder Systems
  • 12 months shelf life from DOM
  • Available in 125 and 250 ml bottles.
  • Flux Classification: ROL0


Product Number : 381

Prod. No. FL-030-095
TSC Electrical Liquid Flux 250ml

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Prod. No. FL-030-094
TSC Electrical Liquid Flux 125ml

£ 5.98

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