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Prowick De-Solder Braid - (1.4mm)

Desoldering braid (wick) is pre-fluxed  copper braid that is used to  remove solder, which allows components to  be replaced and excess solder  to be removed.

For the fastest wicking action, Pro-Wick Rosin flux coated braid is ideal for high volume PCB production/repair environments. Supplied on anti-static spools to prevent static build-up from damaging sensitive components.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Rosin flux coated braid
  • 1.4mm Diameter
  • 5FT Length
  • Colour - Yellow
  • Fastest wicking action
  • Exceeds MIL-F-14256, Type R
  • Anti-static spool (except where indicated)


Product Number : 1809-5FT

Prod. No. 1809-5FT
Prowick De-Solder Braid - White (0.9mm)

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