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Workshop Wipes - Presaturated

Workshop wipes are highly effective, dual abrasive & polishing wipes for removing dirt, grease & paint. Wipes are easily dispensed from a re-sealable tub to extend product lifetime and keep the wipes saturated.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Tough, Abrasive non-scratch cloth
  • Micro Beaded impregnated Wipes
  • Removes ground in dirt effectively
  • Removes greases, oils, tar and uncured paints
  • Dual Abrasive & Polishing capabilities
  • Safe for Cleaning Hands
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Available in packs of 80

Customer Reviews

'Seemed to leave no oily residues...Spent rag was tried on a really grimy old donkey saw & left the paint quite rejuvenated. So far; Impressed!'


Product Number : WP-071-023

Prod. No. WP-071-023
Workshop Wipes (Pre-Saturated) - Tub of 80

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