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NR205 Flux Rework Pen (No-Clean)

ALPHA® NR-205 is a halide-free, rosin/resin free, low solids, no-clean flux. It is formulated for wave soldering of through-hole, mixed technology and surface mount assemblies. The flux is particularly effective when soldering in an inert atmosphere. The flux produces a tack-free surface with high surface insulation resistance and very little residue to interfere with electrical testing.

ALPHA NR-205 is particularly well-suited for touch-up/rework in a flux pen. Alpha “WriteFlux” pens make local flux application an easily controlled process.

Key Product Features & Benefits: 

  • High activity
  • Meets bellcore requirements & other critical sir tests
  • Very safe residues
  • Non-corrosive residues
  • Good soldering in air; excellent soldering in nitrogen for low defects
  • High reliability assemblies, even when the flux does not experience soldering temperatures
  • Excellent for touch-up/rework applications
  • Will not cause "greening" on exposed copper/copper alloys

** Flux available in Bulk via Solder Connection Sales Office **


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Prod. No. 10432
NR-205 Rework Pen - 10ml

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